Limor Kaufman is an Executive Coach, Executive Functioning Coach and an Organizational Consultant with over 15 years of experience.

Trained in Organizational Consulting and Coaching at IPTAR (Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research), Limor works with executives, teams and organizations. 

Limor is in the process of forming a new coaching group, starting in January 2023.  More details soon. Send an email if you are interested. I have a few open slots. 

A recent publication of Dr. Kaufman’s (Dialogues, 2013) discusses coaching, specifically addressing issues related with difficult and challenging leaders. Limor helps clients identify their strengths and challenges. This new level of awareness can have significant their performance in the workplace. 

Limor conducts an annual Leadership Vision workshop in Israel, for The Israeli Leadership Institute (ILI) which equips young leaders with the tools to create their leadership vision and strategy.

Coaching can help clients:

  • Improve their performance
  • Refine their ability to navigate the politics of their workplace
  • Improve their cultural adaptation and relocation
  • Evaluate their strengths and areas that require development
  • Cultivate their self-awareness and control
  • Improve their leadership and management style
  • Enhance their management of conflicts, collaboration and communication
  • Manage workload, pressure and prioritizing better
  • Boost confidence and motivation


Previous clients Dr. Kaufman has worked with include the following:

  • A New York corporate executive interested in opening his own investment company. Personal coaching sessions helped this individual navigate his own career transition, identify and recruit business investors and partners, as well as develop a team of employees equipped to execute his business vision.
  • A scientist needed a space to reflect, identify, and implement strategies that will help her cope with toxic workplace dynamics and bullying.
  • A writer struggling with the publication of his book, hoping to learn better time management strategies to cope with his numerous professional and academic responsibilities, and find a mentor.
  • A young publishing professional with ADD who needs to learn how to manage her high pressure job and complex projects.
  • A visual artist who feels stuck, feeling hindered by a professional relationship with a high-end gallery that he believes is not doing enough to advance his career.