Couples Therapy

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut in your relationship, you’re not alone. Many couples who have been together for awhile, create negative patterns of relating to each other. Both of you end up playing the same roles repeatedly, so no matter what the problem is, the fight will take the same course.  

A typical pattern is one in which one purseus and the other distances themselves, missing an opportunity to connect.  Another  typical negative pattern is when you trigger each other’s vulnerability and defenses.  

You both WANT to feel closer and more connected, but every time there’s a conflict, you both end up being the same people you promised each other you will stop being. Many relationships continue like this all the way into divorce court. 

Parenting can also challenge couples.  You might have different education philosophies, cultural backgrounds, and roles you fall into; (the softer vs. the limits setter,) and could use help aligning and coordinating your parenting responsibilities.   I use my training and my own parenting experience to help you navigate all of these. 

I am a certified couples therapist and have been trained at the Ackerman Institute and the William Alanson White Couples Training Institutes and by the many couples I see.  I can help you identify these negative patterns and modify them.  I am passionate about helping couples to improve their lives together by; 

  • Improving communication and expressiveness
  • Enhancing the capacity to assert needs
  • Helping couples create healthy boundaries
  • Improving capacity for emotional and physical intimacy
  • Teaching conflict resolution skills, or learing how to fight and make up
  • Helping the couple develop empathy for each other

I use Emotion-focused-Therapy (EFT) to bring a full spectrum of feelings into the therapy room.